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(AZ) plumbing and drain service.Restaurants,retirement communities, residential & commercial,leaks, stoppages,valves,toilets,garbage disposals,water heaters,sinks,tubs,showers. (AZ)
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Toto Drake  legendary preformance Toto one piece TOTO                      Vitra Adlantis toilet, preformance flush   Vitra Atlantis
                 When you want a Toto you want a Toto                                                          A quality toilet i recommend.  
                installed prices are $399 and up                                                               great flush performance this toilet  has                
call for details......... or........go to                                                                a modern look with unmatched performance.
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shane t worsnup- plumbing and drain service valleywide AZ plumbing and drain service
the plumbercall today!                                                              IV stage R.O. unit
                                                                                                                Installed for $349.00
I have a fully loaded arsenal of drain cleaning equipment , main line drain cleaning up to 200'
duracable mainliner. aka maneatermini rooterdrain pistolaro"From trap to mainline
                                        I've got you covered"
(480) (602)clogged toilets,sink stoppages, drain line maintenance,tubs, showers,urinals,plunger,auger,rooter,grease,main line,vents,tree roots, sewer,,roof top,vents,clean-outs,drain service,(602)(480)
specialties include: restaurant faucet, sinks, and drains.
commercial maintenance- urinals,drinking fountains,fushometers,drain maintenance.line repair
residential service- garbage disposals, water heaters, faucets and toilets

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tub and shower valves,replacement trim,
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 A slab leak? I can help
slab leak repairs,re-routes,hot water,slab on grade,copper pipe,pex,manifold,hot water leak,underground leak repairs,re-routes,hot water,slab on grade,copper pipe,pex,manifold,hot water leak,underground,,
AZ,Phoenix metro and surrounding areas
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dual flush toilets
thinking of taking a big green step.
give me a call going green cost a lot less than you think.
I offer a great flushing .75 / 1.6gpf
for an installed price less than big name competitors standard toilet install!
dual flust toilets installed for less
Guaranteed performance
push button easy
works every time
 ADA height available 
Installed and performance tested
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toilet modification,"green"toilets,ADA dual flush toilets,dual flush valve
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